Working from Home

I miss going into the office every morning.  I can’t believe I’m saying this after  complaining about waking up when it was cold, navigating the DC Metro crowds, and doing the same routine each and every day.  But I miss it.  Working from home is quite a different scenario with its positives and negatives. Granted my own experience so far is a little skewed since I work only part-time for my internship and part/full time for school, but I wonder if other people who have changed from working in an office to working from home have had similar experiences.


+ I get to watch both episodes of Saved by the Bell from 8-9 am if I want to, instead of leaving during episode 1.

+ I can work when I want to. The typical 9-5 doesn’t apply anymore.

+ I can do work anywhere.  Home, coffee shop, park bench, Potbelly’s, Costa del Sol…

+ I can take a 2 hour lunch without feeling guilty about it.

+ My apartment is always clean now since I clean to procrastinate.


– Most of my interaction with others is through a computer now.

– There is no one to talk to over the cube wall (Miss you Jenna!).

– Meetings are all virtual.  I miss the face-to-face collaboration.

– On days when I didn’t have any work to do, I didn’t get paid because I couldn’t bill those hours (this is back when I was doing some consulting work)

– I stare at the same walls in my apartment before, during and after work (this must be why people have home offices, instead of working at their dining room table).

– I feel like I need to be connected constantly so I won’t miss an email or a phone call.  Whereas in the office, if I wasn’t at my desk, come back later.

This new lifestyle definitely takes some getting used to.  I think my perfect scenario would be to have an option each day to either work from home or go into an office with lots of people around me.  Then I could still talk over the cube wall if I wanted to.



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2 responses to “Working from Home

  1. Margaret P. Brown

    Cleaning is good! It has always helped me destress and think. You could also call your mother and chat. That works, too.

  2. Kirsten

    amiga! just checking out your new blog – thought you might be interested in this site, might be something else like it in d.c.?
    could help solve some of your working-at-home woes :)

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