The Crazy Popularity of Farmville on Facebook

Farmville. You either are obsessed with playing the popular Facebook app or you just don’t get it.  I’m part of the latter group, but 63 million others are part of the former.  I read this interesting post on Social Media Examiner called “New Studies Show Marketing Power of Facebook” by Amy Porterfield that discusses the power and potential of Facebook Apps for marketers looking to engage their audiences through a new social platform.  Here’s an excerpt:

The Power of Facebook Apps

According to Facebook, they currently house over 350,000 apps. Here are the top Facebook apps:

  1. Farmville (63 million)
  2. Causes (35 million)
  3. Café World (28 million)
  4. Mafia Wars (26 million)
  5. Happy Aquarium (24 million)
  6. Pet Society (21 million)
  7. (21 million)
  8. Yoville (20 million)
  9. Texas HoldEm Poker (19 million)
  10. Farm Town (18 million)

7 out of the 10 apps above are actually social games. Social games are those played on social networks where there is a level of interaction with others (taking turns) and you can see others’ actions as the game progresses.

Because social gaming is currently the leader in app development, marketers can take advantage of this as they look for ways to cross-promote and engage with their audiences via new platforms.  It comes down to meeting your audience where they are already spending a good portion of their time.

And these audiences are accessing Farmville and other Facebook apps primarily using mobile devices.  Here are some interesting stats from the article:

  • It is estimated that 17% of Facebook users currently access the site using a mobile device, and that number is estimated to skyrocket to 90% within 5 years.
  • Mobile Facebook users are 50% more active than non-mobile Facebook users.
  • 1 million users commented on their friends’ status changes on mobile devices within the first 24 hours of the mobile feature’s launch.
  • There are currently 180+ carriers in 60 different countries promoting Facebook mobile products.

So I should probably stop hating and just sign-up for Farmville to find out what all the buzz is about, and to figure out the best way to cross-promote and engage audiences as Porterfield suggests.  Will let you know how that goes…

P.S.  Social Media Examiner is a great site to watch if you have any interest in social media .  They have lovely Dora the Explorer-esque cartoons that lead you through the social media jungle. Great for those of us that sometimes feel a little lost (or like pre-schoolers) in the SM world.


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