Plastic Surgery Face

One of my fondest memories of interning at the Kennedy Center in D.C. was working at prestigious events like the Kennedy Center Honors and the National Symphony Orchestra Season Opening Ball.  And a favorite pastime of the interns working at these events was to try and spot the best plastic surgery face among Washington’s finest (I was young, bored and underpaid, okay?).  But these ladies really weren’t fooling anyone.

Now I’m definitely not against Botox or a nip/tuck here and there in order to maintain some degree of youthfulness, but I do have a problem with 1) girls in their 20’s getting their faces cut up and 2) going overboard with the procedures and getting “plastic surgery face.”  Heidi Montag’s recent 10 procedure face reconstruction violates both.

Heidi can do what she wants; she has the money and time to do so. But what I think will be hilarious is that all the kids she’ll have will probably inherit every single feature that she hated about herself and had replaced.  Way to go Heidi.  In one way or another you’ve already told the world you think your own kids are ugly.


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