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Adams Morgan Movie…Show me the Jumbo Slice

A recent Google search of my communications professor at American University, Russell Williams, led me to the amazing news that there is a movie being made about your favorite place and mine: Adams Morgan.  Prof Williams, being the 2-time Oscar winner he is, helped writer and director Paul DeVeaux work on the script for the movie.  Here’s a little sneak peak courtesy of Kim Chi Ha at Washington City Paper:

James L. Brooks is not the only one with a set in Adams Morgan: “Adams Morgan: The Movie,” an independent film written and directed by Paul DeVeaux and produced by Robert Epstein, dotes on the love affairs of 20-somethings portrayed against the backdrop of the neighborhood over a Halloween weekend—yes, there are drag queen races, one of DeVeaux’s fondest memories. “We were at a rooftop party some 15 or 20 years ago, and you see these guys in high heels sprinting down the street—one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen,” DeVeaux says.

The romantic comedy, reminiscent of DeVeaux’s weekend debauchery in Adams Morgan back in the day (the early ’90s), revolves around three couples. Richard and Shelby are settled, happily married, and tragically boring—the sex is lackluster. After nine months together, Tonya and Lance are at the make-it-or-break-it point—he’s too immature. And after hooking up—hey, you gotta test out the goods first—John and Audrey are out to see if their personalities mesh.

Now there was no explicit mention of a Jumbo Slice cameo in the film, but if DeVeaux knows his AdMo, and I think he does, the giant greasy goodness will make an appearance, but only after 3 a.m.


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