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HAPPO Day – A Post in Two Acts

Act 1:  I want to be a HAPPO day success story

Wouldn’t it be great if your company was featured in hundreds of blogs posts, magazine articles, mainstream media mentions, the Harvard Business Review as a social media pioneer?  I mean, YES.  And wouldn’t it also be great to have an employee who gets the job done creatively, cost-effectively and on time AND is a fun person to be around?  YES.

It’s really easy for this wonderful dream to become a reality.  Bring me in for interview, let me impress you with my knowledge of interpersonal influence theory (the topic of my Master’s thesis), and offer me a job.  What a great HAPPO day success story…for both of us!

A little more about me:  I am a graduate student at American University getting my Master’s in Public Communication in May 2010 .  I have been interning with Abraham Harrison LLC, a digital PR company, for the last 3 months.  Before school I was an analyst at Abt Associates, Inc. where I worked with government clients in Africa on health financing studies. I would like an account position where I can work directly with clients; writing, pitching, blogging, media training, event planning…all the PR good stuff.  No specific industry, I just want to be challenged.

Here is what I know:

  • It’s a breeze to budget and plan multi-million dollar projects (well, for me anyway)
  • Be persistent, but not annoying
  • Understand what and to whom you are pitching…make it personal
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Prioritize and finish the most important work first
  • Always try and figure something out before you ask questions – but always ask questions if you need to
  • Social media is above-all, a way to build relationships with consumers, not a sales outlet (unless you are @delloutlet, then that works for you)
  • Always respond and be active in the Twittersphere, blogosphere, all the “spheres” (a la Southwest)
  • Measuring “eyeballs”
  • I am a really good worker, I’m a good communicator (except from the ages of 13-17, when no one “understood me”), and even though it sounds cliche, I play well with others.

Looking for jobs is terrible, looking for staff is terrible (I had to find my replacement at Abt before I left).  Why don’t we both just end this terrible process and you give me a shot?  Then we can both relax with a celebratory happy hour Super Mug from Chef Geoff’s Downtown.

Hopefully your interest is peaked, so send me an email (elliebrown1@gmail.com) or Tweet if you want to chat more.

Act 2: What the heck is HAPPO day? (this one’s for you Mom)

HAPPO stands for Help a PR Pro Out, so today PR bloggers, agency leaders, and PR professionals from across the country will donate their time and talents to help fellow PR pros connect with employers as part of the first-ever HAPPO day.  Using the hashtag #HAPPO on Twitter, hundreds of industry professionals will click on this very link, realize I am what their company has been waiting for, and hand over a job (I hope).


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