Social Media, What is it Good For

It’s getting to be crunch time for this master’s candidate.  I have a gigantic capstone project due at the end of April and the pressure is on to finish at least half by March 8 when I go on Spring Break (cruise to the Bahamas…yesss!!!).  I’m writing about social media (obvi) and get ready to have your socks blown off…or not.  I’m not really the best “academicky” writer.  Really, I hate it.  I die inside a little every time I write something in which “the literature” is the subject of my sentence.

But the purpose of this post is to let my reader(s) know that I might not get to posting as much as you want me to over the next two months.  So I’m sorry to the 5 of you that actually tune in to see what I have to say.  Well, actually I had over 500 people read my blog last week!  Or so I thought.  After a little blog stat research, I realized a picture of Farmville I included in a post was one of the first 10 that came up on a Google image search.  People just wanted to copy the Farmville picture.  Blog Fail.



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4 responses to “Social Media, What is it Good For

  1. Margaret P. Brown

    You can count on me to tune in.

  2. david brown


    You can count on me too! Keep writing. I like the picture of you and Nick at the Caps game. Good luck with your capstone project.

  3. Bored and in Class

    As long as I am bored in UMD MBA classes, you can count me in. Also, it annoys seedy BF so I will definitely continue. Hey, that makes at least 3 regular commentators for you. Congrats!

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