Facebook’s 124 billion photos…

…were probably taken on the Royal Carribbean cruise to the Bahamas I went on last week.  Spring break 2010 was in full effect and not only were the sun-burned frat guys and orange-ish sorority girls committed to consuming a constant drip of margaritas and pina coladas, but they were going to capture every minute and post those memories to Facebook.  And just because my under-grad years are finished, I’m no different in my affinity for tequila-infused drinks or my use of Facebook to post all my super-awesome, “my spring break was better than yours” pictures.

According to a Washington Post article, people are posting more and more pictures to Facebook to share them with family and friends, while less and less are actually printing them.  Another boon for Facebook, but a  real hit for the photo printing industry.  Estimates show that about 124 billion photos will be posted to Facebook in 2013, compared to only 42 billion printed in the same year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, but this article points out an important fact: Facebook doesn’t have the capacity (yet) to store high resolution photos. The article says:

According to a recent survey from market research firm InfoTrends, fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution. This is probably because Facebook photos look just fine on a computer screen. But when they are printed, the images cannot be cropped or enlarged without looking blurry.

So just a word to the wise, if you want to blow-up that photo of your SB 2010 body-shot competition and hang it over the mantle, don’t just save it to Facebook.  Save it to Picasa or your Mac or something else since Facebook has “no plans to make the maximum image-size bigger anytime soon” says company spokesperson Meredith Chin.  So share your super-awesome, “my spring break was better than yours ” pictures all over Facebook, but make sure you save the important ones (body-shots) somewhere else too.



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2 responses to “Facebook’s 124 billion photos…

  1. Nice post! I’d recommend Flickr for storing photos especially… very easy to use, cheap ($25/year — unlimited storage) and, IMHO, much prettier and fully-featured than Picasa.

    Glad you had a great trip! I’m jealous =P

  2. Lindsay

    Your spring break was DEFINITELY better than mine!!

    See you in a few weeks :).

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