Wendy’s (March) Madness

March Madness is upon us once again.  I think Lehigh is going to take the whole tournament this year (I have a deep love for the Patriot League since I graduated from Bucknell and go to American now).  But who knows what could happen? I know Kansas remembers 2005.

Well, Wendy’s is hoping that as we’re all watching Lehigh dance to the championship we’ll be chowing down on some delicious boneless wings.  According to an article from Brandweek, consumers who organize tournament viewing parties using Wendy’s Facebook page could win a $50 gift certificate.  Consumers can also get themselves a gift card by using Twitter.  The big prize is awarded to those who have the funniest and quirkiest responses to various challenges. For instance, in the first week, Wendy’s is asking consumers on Twitter to finish the statement “If taste buds could talk, they’d say: ‘Boneless Wings (finish this from a quirky perspective).”

What I find most interesting about this marketing effort is that it will not receive any advertising support.  It’s social media only.  Wendy’s is hoping to get some good buzz going and build up its network of fans and followers.  With only a modestly popular Facebook and Twitter following for a big brand like Wendy’s (230,000 fans and about 2,800 followers), it will be interesting to see if an effort like this pays off.  Or else we’ll all bear witness to Wendy’s own marketing madness and no one will know about or participate in the contest.

Here’s the link to the whole article: Wendy’s Floods Social Media Zone for NCAA Tourney.


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