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So many blogs, so little time

Hello loyal reader(s).  You may have noticed that my “daily” blog has once again become more of a “bi-weekly” or “not this week” type of publication. I have actually been blogging quite a bit…just not here.  My very last graduate class at American is called Internet Advocacy and I’ve been busy writing (required) blogs about our weekly readings.  So, check it out (if you are REALLY, REALLY bored at work).

This is my outlet to communicate about communication – social media, advocacy and politics in particular – as assigned by my professor in COMM 551.


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Confessions of a former Abraham Harrison intern

On Friday my time as an intern with Abraham Harrison came to a close, and I remain overwhelmed by how much the experience has taught me and how all that I’ve learned is now influencing my career path.  During my internship I not only gained new skills, but deepened my interest in social media and digital public relations and made professional connections that will continue beyond my internship.  Since May is a time when many graduates reflect on their time at school, I figure I should do my due diligence and share a bit about my own journey with AH and my preparations for a new career. Continue reading

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Not so Daily Social

I’ve just realized that I named my blog “Daily Social” with the full intent to post interesting and informative social media-ish content every day. Well loyal readers, you’ll notice that that really hasn’t been the case – and I’m okay with that. While fresh content is suppose to help attract and maintain readers, my goal for this blog was never to reach the masses (although the masses continue to come to my blog because of the Farmville pic).

I was recently asked in an interview (top secret – no word on the outcome yet) why I started my blog. Although I had not rehearsed this answer like I did for 50 other Frequently Asked Interview Questions (just go ahead and ask me what my biggest weakness is), it was easy for me to find the right words. I started this blog with the intention of learning 1) how to post a blog, 2) about social media. You learn best by teaching, and I hope I’ve taught at least some of you a thing or two about Facebook, or Twitter or going on safari.

I’m working on a post right now for Marketing Conversation about this whole Facebook “like” button/taking over the Internet phenomenon and because when I learn, you learn, here is a bit of light reading for you:

What you should know about Facebook’s changes – CNN
What Facebook’s Latest Means for the Web – CNET
Facebook Open Graph: What it Means For Privacy – Mashable

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Ellie Brown: Professional Networker

That’s right.  Professional networker.  I even have the cards to prove it now.

Many thanks to the brilliant Shelli Silverstein for the design.  I’ll be breaking these babies out as soon as we print them later this week (I hope!).  So now that I’m professional, please offer me a job. okaythanksbye.

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Blogger’s Block and Safari Videos

The creative juices just aren’t flowing these days.  Perhaps it is three unfinished papers, the stress of graduation and impending unemployment that is sucking all the life out of me.  Well, here’s to hoping I get some inspiration back.

In an effort to do so, I’m posting a video from the good ole days when I was “working” in Kenya, aka going on safari.  Hope you enjoy this substitute for my usually witty and informative blog content.  If you want, I’ll even relate it to social media.  The lionesses represent the influential people in a social network, while the cubs are members of the community.  The warthog represents a business that isn’t properly interacting within these networks.  As you can see, first the influentials eat you, then call their cubs over to finish the job.

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Facebook’s 124 billion photos…

…were probably taken on the Royal Carribbean cruise to the Bahamas I went on last week.  Spring break 2010 was in full effect and not only were the sun-burned frat guys and orange-ish sorority girls committed to consuming a constant drip of margaritas and pina coladas, but they were going to capture every minute and post those memories to Facebook.  And just because my under-grad years are finished, I’m no different in my affinity for tequila-infused drinks or my use of Facebook to post all my super-awesome, “my spring break was better than yours” pictures.

According to a Washington Post article, people are posting more and more pictures to Facebook to share them with family and friends, while less and less are actually printing them.  Another boon for Facebook, but a  real hit for the photo printing industry.  Estimates show that about 124 billion photos will be posted to Facebook in 2013, compared to only 42 billion printed in the same year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, but this article points out an important fact: Facebook doesn’t have the capacity (yet) to store high resolution photos. The article says:

According to a recent survey from market research firm InfoTrends, fewer than a third of people surveyed knew that photos on social-networking sites are stored at a decreased resolution. This is probably because Facebook photos look just fine on a computer screen. But when they are printed, the images cannot be cropped or enlarged without looking blurry.

So just a word to the wise, if you want to blow-up that photo of your SB 2010 body-shot competition and hang it over the mantle, don’t just save it to Facebook.  Save it to Picasa or your Mac or something else since Facebook has “no plans to make the maximum image-size bigger anytime soon” says company spokesperson Meredith Chin.  So share your super-awesome, “my spring break was better than yours ” pictures all over Facebook, but make sure you save the important ones (body-shots) somewhere else too.


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Social Media, What is it Good For

It’s getting to be crunch time for this master’s candidate.  I have a gigantic capstone project due at the end of April and the pressure is on to finish at least half by March 8 when I go on Spring Break (cruise to the Bahamas…yesss!!!).  I’m writing about social media (obvi) and get ready to have your socks blown off…or not.  I’m not really the best “academicky” writer.  Really, I hate it.  I die inside a little every time I write something in which “the literature” is the subject of my sentence.

But the purpose of this post is to let my reader(s) know that I might not get to posting as much as you want me to over the next two months.  So I’m sorry to the 5 of you that actually tune in to see what I have to say.  Well, actually I had over 500 people read my blog last week!  Or so I thought.  After a little blog stat research, I realized a picture of Farmville I included in a post was one of the first 10 that came up on a Google image search.  People just wanted to copy the Farmville picture.  Blog Fail.


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